Laser Shows are no more surprise items for Indian audience. A well packed entertaining programmed will surely project laser lighting as a part and parcel of its entertainment. Be it a song and dance sequence, fashion shows, ceremony of a wedding , disco floors, or any other such events, the florescent streaks of laser lighting can simply create an electrifying ambience in a jiffy. This inherently more focused beam is extremely visible, and is often used as an effect. Mark1 Events as one of the leading event organizers, are quite well known for arranging laser shows in their events. We produce laser light shows for musical, wedding and corporate events. As our specialty, we create musical and entertainment laser shows, weddings and corporate events.

We use the latest laser technology for full-color projection for powerful beam effects. All of our shows can be performed without the hassles. Each show features dazzling colorful laser animations, cartoons, and beam effects all choreographed to a musical soundtrack and theme. In addition, other laser beams slice through the air to add dramatic “Star Wars” effects. The technical know how required for the best output is well praised as each and every laser show that either runs solely or simultaneously with other entertaining programmed, are well balanced and matched with highly trained professionals who know how to turn on the mood of the party at the right juncture!