Press conferences are events where meetings are held between companies led by their executive management and the journalist from the press and other media. Such conferences are usually organized to convey messages or make any special announcements and answer various questions from the journalists gathered regarding the agenda of the press meet.

Press conference can be the key to winning positive media attention and also that holding a press conference is a simple and effective way to convey your message to the masses. Our event managers excel in organizing events like press releases, interviews and informal media contacts which can prove to be an excellent method of getting your message across. Hiring our services you can be best assured that the press conference will go off without a hitch.

We pride in providing timely events following a fixed schedule of events. Our job on the event starts by fixing the time and the place of the event. After that we decide upon the matter of the invitation to be sent out by consulting and understanding the purpose of the press meet. The invitations are then printed and distributed to all leading news channels in advance. Courtesy calls are also made by us to the editors and veteran reporters requesting their attendance at the event. Arrangements for food, dinners or cocktails are taken care of following the conference.

We also put together and provide with media kits which include a list of participants at the press conference and the information about them through quotes and photographs, additional information about the purpose of the event and the key points conveyed at the event etc. and if it the event is a multinational launching a new product, and making announcements of a launch we also prepare a comprehensive give away gifts guest lists for the attending journalists.

The basic aim of our managers at a press conference is to keep the attending journalists and reporters happy and try to get the most and favorable covering of the event for our clients.