A person who professionally assists, design, plan and manage the whole wedding activities. Weddings are most important event in people’s lives. We spend heavy amounts to ensure that the weeding are well managed and organized. Wedding planners are the professionals and experts in managing venues and wedding supplies by their experience and education.

It’s important to know that why should we hire professional? It’s very simple, they have their own expertise. They make your dream true by their experience and professionalism. You will get the good services in competitive budget.
Services and Process

Discussing and interviewing the bride and groom to identify the needs and demands.
Preparation of the budget.
Event designing and style preparations.
Suggestion about the venue and availability of the venue in the specific dates.
Creating checklist with every event detail and times of every actions.
Preparation of Guest list.
Hiring of professionals on all services which may be required.
Selection of decoration designs and getting approval from client.
Coordination with all vendors for delivery of the their services and items on wedding day.
Back-up and risk plan for any disaster.
Use of technology with schedule alarm system.
Providing of cultural activities.
Assist and prepare all details which are required